Much travel is needed to ripen a man’s rawness

It is a wise proverb which briefly defines the advantages of travelling to develop important skills in people like maturity.

Today hardly anyone doesn’t travel because it cannot fail to lead to understanding. Nowadays, culture is important for our personal and professional lives.

It is important to mention that nations influence each other thanks to the current globalized world; for instance, fashions, eating habits and styles are expanding quickly.

Consequently, world today is a small place where barriers are breaking down everywhere. The European Community, the United Nations and other forms of unions are good examples of this fact.

Moreover, currently there is great interest in language learning due to the fact that people move quickly to other countries to find new opportunities.

Talking about different targets, on the one hand there is a market where elderly and rich people are protected at international hotels. They only enjoy the benefits of these hotels and they are not exposed to the city or the environment.

On the other hand, the young are more impressionable and not so “protected”. They specially like to discover new things visiting a lot of places.

In other words, this people are eager to get to know each other and they are really curious about different ways of life.
And it is important to avoid the idea of stereotypes because for instance travelling in general has nothing to do with tourist trade; on the contrary, tourist trade is a party joke.

Juan Antonio Corbalán Liarte

This article was written for the English course (C1) at the Official School of Languages  «Jesús Maestro» in Madrid.

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