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Advantages and disavantages of living in modern cities

Nowadays, according to the National Statistics Institute almost 70% of the population live in big cities. Sometimes looking for better opportunities and others established there all their lives without knowing other ways of living. Experts explained that the process of concentration of people in those cities continues and 90% of people will live in those cities in 2050.

Contrary to the general opinion and despite many inconvenients, most people prefer living in modern cities thanks to all the advantages imply this fact. Cities offer a wide variety of places to visit like cinemas, big stores, relevant concerts and so on. People who lived this situation couldn’t imagine change their life to come back to their towns. A huge majority left their villages in order to seek job opportunities to ultimately succeed in life.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it is inarguable that living in a city has significant drawbacks. First of all, health could deteriorate faster owing to stress and extreme pollution. Secondly, economically could normally be a real problem due to the high cost of living and the difficulties to own a house or apartment.

All in all, live or not in modern cities is not an easy decision in life because it will bring two very different lives. If I had to make a decision again, I would probably choose living in a modern city in spite of the fact that all the disadvantages.

Juan Antonio Corbalán Liarte

This article was written for the English course (C1) at the Official School of Languages «Jesús Maestro» in Madrid.

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