"Marketing Warfare". Al Ries – Jack Trout.

Strategies of warfare of antiquity and the present marketing strategies have more similarities than differences though it may be surprising at first. This is one of the things that most caught my attention and liked most of this book from the Ries – Jack Trout; how detailed knowledge of strategies that were used throughout the history, from the Greek and Punic Wars until the battle of Sedan in the second world war, It can help you achieve greater success in the field of marketing, (more…)

The EU paradox.


Since the cornerstone of the European Union was put in 1950 with the Schuman Declaration, Europe has changed many things. The process of European integration is a very good example in the world in order to increase opportunities for citizens and businesses. However, There are many people in Europe who believe that the EU is not a very good idea. This is the paradox of the EU and, in my opinion, It is a logical consequence for various reasons. (more…)

Spanish economy of the 20th century.

10Review of the book “A century of Spain: The economy” Jose Luis Garcia Delgado and Juan Carlos Jiménez. This book exposes the most significant facts of the Spanish economy in the twentieth century. It has a simple and successful temporary stage structure in light of changing economic and political events occurred, divided into three stages at first but eventually the economy is structured in four stages to better understand and highlight the troubled period of civil war and previous years. Likewise, throughout all the text are comparisons with the neighbouring countries, regarding the main macroeconomic variables. (more…)

Controversial new marketing techniques.

9The strong economic growth of the last decades with technological advances, results that nowadays marketing is essential in any business. Not only to sell products but also other new goals that appear every year, such as the detailed study of the mind to know their functioning and develop commercial actions accordingly. (more…)

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